Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews are due by 7/31/2020

Performance Reviews should be conducted on each associate by their manager/supervisor on 30-60-90 days of employment and annually on the employee’s anniversary date.
A Performance Review is not a guarantee of increase in salary but an honest and fair evaluation of performance in the position held according to the time period covered.
360-degree Self-Evaluation: Associates should be given the Performance Review to complete on themselves, with adequate time before a review is completed and conducted by the supervisor/manager.
Review sessions should be conducted in an appropriate environment (free from distraction).


  • 5 – would be chosen when the employee’s performance being reviewed is consistently
    above & beyond the performance standards.
  • 4 – would be chosen when the employee’s performance being reviewed is occasionally
    above & beyond the performance standards.
  • 3 – would be chosen when the employee’s performance being reviewed is at (meets) the
    established performance standards and objectives.
  • 2 – if chosen, needs to include an “action plan” for positive improvement, as the
    employee does not meet the established performance standard regularly or
  • 1 – would be chosen when the performance or standard has not been observed or is not


  1. Customer Focus
  2. Teamwork
  3. Responsibilities and Initiative
  4. Judgements and Decision-Making
  5. Oral and Written Communication
  6. Adherence to Policy and Guidelines

In each of these sections listed above (1-6), read the description under each item, reflect on the associate’s performance, and when appropriate, write in the “Comments:” section a clear, concise thought (with examples) that would best fit.

For example, “Bonnie always goes above & beyond with each customer. Her warm, welcoming voice, as well as follow-through, with customer calls always makes the caller feel like their business is appreciated and valued”


In this section, your summary of what has been reviewed and discussed is condensed. Your ratings should reflect an average of each performance or standard.

For example:

  • All scores of 5 would warrant a 5 overall summary rating.
  • Some 5 and some 4 scores would probably concede to have an overall scoring of 4.
  • Some 5, 4, and 3 scores would probably warrant a 4 or 3 score.

*The author of the document would need to “use their best judgement” when truncating the score up or down and be prepared to explain to the associate why they were scored appropriately.


The Performance Review session is a time to speak “on-on-one” with your team member. Remember to let your team member speak!

This is as much a time for them to talk as it is your time to discover more about your associate.

The reviewer sets the tone for the session and can make it a pleasant, positive experience for the associate.

At times, important and serious topics must be addressed to determine a combined plan for success.

Encourage your associate be a part of the solution by revealing the overall team’s goals/direction as well as your expectations for their role.