APG Emergency Communication Plan
Reporting Procedures for All Employees

When a natural disaster (hurricane, fire, tornado, etc.), power outage, or similar event occurs, the safety of our associates and properties is our primary concern. To that end, we have developed a plan to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Our goal is to publish our products as scheduled, if possible. Please assume that we will follow our regular production schedule if you have not heard otherwise. However, in an emergency that affects operation and our associates’ safety, please follow our communication guidelines in the following order:

  • Contact your immediate supervisor as soon as possible to let them know you are safe and for updates about your work status. Plan to call daily for updates.
  • Call APG Employee Reporting Number – 877-225-9316 – for recorded updates if your supervisor cannot be reached
  • Visit the company website, adamspg.com, and check the Associate Portal for important updates.

Once you have reported your location, please let us know how you may be contacted. This should include a home phone or a phone located; a cell phone and email address if available. Remember to speak slowly when reporting your numbers and email address so that we are able to record them accurately.

Unless instructed otherwise, you are required to call in daily. When calling on the second day and thereafter, you need only let us know that your contact information has not changed. If it has, or your location has changed, please leave that in your message.

Instructions for employees will be provided by voice mail at any or all of these locations or the APG HR website. Please remember to visit hr.adamspg.com as soon as possible, as instructions for affected employees will be posted there. Return to this site regularly for updates.